Policies (1828)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Mid-term deployment plan for offshore wind power Japan 2020
Development of nuclear energy United Arab Emirates 2020
Clean Energy for All Europeans Package European Union 2019
Law on Renewable Energy Auctions (Law No. 2712-VIII) Ukraine 2019
Electricity Consumption Tax Turkey 2019
Special Programme for Energy Transition Mexico 2019
Proposed Methodology for Estimation of Electricity Generated from Biomass in Biomass Co-fired Thermal Power Plants India 2019
Reduction of losses of distribution transformers Brazil 2019
Hydrogen Economy Roadmap 2040 Republic of Korea 2019
Regulations Limiting Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Natural Gas-fired Generation of Electricity (SOR/2018-261) Canada 2019
Coal power phase-out plans in member states European Union 2019
Exercise Tax on Fuel Russian Federation 2019
Non-conventional renewable energy auction Colombia 2019
Strategy for Developing Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Technologies Japan 2019
Snowy 2.0 Australia 2019
Taxing energy use Italy 2019
Law No. ZRU-539 on Renewable Energy Sources Uzbekistan 2019
Decrees 476/2019 and 548/2019 on renewable energies Argentina 2019
Basic Law for the Promotion of Biomass Utilization Japan 2019
Alternative Energy Development Plan (2018–2037) Thailand 2019