Policies (30)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
25 years Environmental Plan United Kingdom 2019
Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial, Agricultural Wastes/ Residues and Municipal Solid Waste India 2018
National Policy for the Integral Management of Solid Waste (3874/2016) Colombia 2016
Circular Economy Package EU Legislative Proposals on Waste European Union 2016
Solid waste management rules India 2016
Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (Energy Transition Law) France 2015
Strategy to reduce methane emissions United States of America 2014
Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Rule United States of America 2010
National Policy on Solid Residues (Law No. 12305 Brazil 2010
National Waste Management Programme (2009 - 2013) Bulgaria 2009
Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act -EEG- Germany 2009
Five-Year Plan for Green Growth Republic of Korea 2009
CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (CHP TAPs) United States of America 2008
Waste Framework Directive European Union 2008
Biomass Program: Integrated Biorefineries Subprogram United States of America 2007
Enforcement Rules of the Wastes Control Act Republic of Korea 2007
Methane to Markets Partnership Japan 2004
Methane to Markets Partnership United States of America 2004
Methane to Markets Partnership Republic of Korea 2004
Investment Fund for the Environment and Energy Management France 2002