Policies (196)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Gear Change - A bold vision for cycling and walking United Kingdom 2020
Energy Efficiency Label for Residential Buildings India 2019
Business Energy Advice Program Australia 2019
Intersectoral agreement to reduce emissions in the transport sector Costa Rica 2019
Exemplary Administration Pact (Pacte de l'exemplarité de l'administration) Morocco 2019
Resolution 174/2018 on National Programme for Good Agricultural Practices in Fruit and Vegetable Products Argentina 2018
General Law for Sustainable Forest Development Mexico 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile 2018
Law 1931 establishing guidelines for climate change management Colombia 2018
National strategy on Community Forestry Congo, the Democratic Republic of the 2018
Green Growth Policy Colombia 2018
Integrated Strategy to Control Deforestation and Manage Forests Colombia 2017
National Program for Carbon Neutrality 2.0 Costa Rica 2017
National Electromobility Strategy Chile 2017
National Strategy on Climate Change and Vegetation Resources 2017-2025 Chile 2017
Energy Efficiency Labelling of Energy Using Equipment - Supreme Decree No. 009-2017-EM Peru 2017
Mitigation Plan for the Energy Sector Chile 2017
Resolution 1075/2016 Smart Transport Program Argentina 2016
Electric Vehicles Programme New Zealand 2016
Indicative Action Plan (2017-2022) of the Rational and Efficient Energy Use Programme (PROURE) Colombia 2016