Policies (237)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Saudi Green Initiative Saudi Arabia 2021
National Action Plan for Environmental Protection Ukraine 2021
2 Billion Trees Commitment Canada 2021
National REDD+ Strategy Nigeria 2021
Georgia's 2030 Strategy and 2021–2023 Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation (CSAP) Georgia 2021
National Strategy for the Restoration of Ecosystems and Degraded Forest Lands (ProRest 2021-2030) Peru 2021
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC China 2021
Forestry Policy Malaysia 2020
Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 European Union 2020
Integrated Landscape Management to Secure Nepal’s Protected Areas and Critical Corridors Nepal 2020
Jobs for Nature New Zealand 2020
15-year plan (2021-2035) to protect ecosystems China 2020
Woodland Carbon Guarantee - carbon capture United Kingdom 2020
National Infrastructure Strategy United Kingdom 2020
National Forestry Program 2020-2024 Mexico 2020
Second Green Legacy Campaign Ethiopia 2020
Agricultural Act United Kingdom 2020
Forests of Morocco 2020-2030 Morocco 2020
Million Tree Campaign Singapore 2020
Law 27,487 on Extension and amendment of Law Nr 25,080 related to the investments for cultivated forests Argentina 2019