Policies (249)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Decree regarding banned timber-related exports to the EU. Russian Federation 2022
FOLU Net Sink 2030 Indonesia 2022
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC India 2022
Proposal Regulation on the export of certain commodities and products associated with deforestation and repealing Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 European Union 2022
Third Green Legacy Campaign Ethiopia 2021
Initiative to plant 252 million saplings Turkey 2021
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC China 2021
2 Billion Trees Commitment Canada 2021
National REDD+ Strategy Nigeria 2021
Sustainable forestry development by 2025 Viet Nam 2021
National Action Plan for Environmental Protection Ukraine 2021
Decree of the President of June 7, 2021 Ukraine 2021
Strategic plan for forestry and industrial forestry 2030 Argentina 2021
Decision No. 523/QD-TTg dated April 01, 2021 of the Prime Minister approving the forestry development strategy for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision toward 2050 Viet Nam 2021
National Strategy for the Restoration of Ecosystems and Degraded Forest Lands (ProRest 2021-2030) Peru 2021
2030 Strategy and 2021–2023 Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation (CSAP) Georgia 2021
England Trees Action Plan 2021 to 2024 United Kingdom 2021
Saudi Green Initiative Saudi Arabia 2021
3 Billion Trees Pledge (map tree counter) European Union 2021
Decree 690 regulates the sustainable management of wild flora and non-timber forest products. Colombia 2021