Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
10th Basic Energy Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand Republic of Korea 2023
14 FYP Modern Energy system Planning China 2022
PDE 2031 10-year Plan for Energy Expansion Brazil 2022
Energy Transition - National Energy Policy Chile 2022
Program for the development of the national electric system (PRODESEN) Mexico 2022
Federal Budget 2022-23 Australia 2022
Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act Australia 2022
Decree No. 2.22.03, amending Decree No. 2.10.320 published on May 20, 2011, on the implementation of Law No. 16.09 on the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE). Morocco 2022
Presidential Regulation No. 112 of 2022 on Accelerated Development of Renewable Energy for Electricity Supply Indonesia 2022
Long Term growth trajectory of Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) India 2022
Law 14,300 on micro- and mini distributed generation Brazil 2022
REPowerEU European Union 2022
Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035) China 2022
Prime Ministerial Decree no. 104/2022 Egypt 2022
Energy Agenda 2022-2026 Chile 2022
Law 14,120/2021 on power sector Brazil 2021
Renewable energy Auction Colombia 2021
Decree No. 20 expressly identifies the production, storage and export of green hydrogen and green ammonia among the areas falling within the state’s economic development strategy Egypt 2021
Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program (SREPs) Canada 2021
Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) Indonesia 2021