Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Future Strategy Research and Innovation Germany (2023) Germany 2023
Climate protection programme Germany (2023) Germany 2023
Capacity Investment Scheme Australia (2023) Australia 2023
Net Zero Growth Plan United Kingdom (2023) United Kingdom 2023
Viability Gap Funding for development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) India (2023) India 2023
Agricultural Demand Side Management Programme(AgDSM) India (2023) India 2023
Electricity Act Nigeria (2023) Nigeria 2023
Decision 21/QD-BCT 2023 electricity generation price bracket applicable to transitional solar power plants, wind power plants Viet Nam (2023) Viet Nam 2023
Decree 7189: Feed-in tariff subsidies to incentivise renewable energy Turkey (2023) Turkey 2023
Energy Security Plan United Kingdom (2023) United Kingdom 2023
Green Transformation (GX) Basic Policy Japan (2023) Japan 2023
10th Basic Energy Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand Republic of Korea (2023) Republic of Korea 2023
National Strategy for Sustainable Finance Argentina (2023) Argentina 2023
Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate United Kingdom (2023) United Kingdom 2023
Heat Planning and the Decarbonisation of Heating Networks Act Germany (2023) Germany 2023
A green deal industrial plan for the net zero age European Union (2023) European Union 2023
Hydrogen Investment Roadmap 2023 United Kingdom (2023) United Kingdom 2023
Climate Protection Act Switzerland (2023) Switzerland 2023
Strategy for Industrial New Growth through Invigoration of Circular Economy Republic of Korea (2023) Republic of Korea 2023
Order No.2 2023 on the Utilisation of CCUS in Oil and Gas exploration Indonesia (2023) Indonesia 2023